This section contains other shiny works of mine (aka passion projects) to see.

Project what if.

As I move through life and grow as a designer, I began to observe my world more constructively on a day to day basis and think about ways to solve certain problems. Below are a few examples of what I have been up to. You can explore and read more about these types of projects on my Dribbble.

To keep myself entertained while Iā€™m not doing actual work, I will be doodling and making things like stickers for fun and sharing it with people. Some examples can be found below and you can find more on my Dribbble.

Other notable work.
Another piece that I would like to share are report samples that I worked on while interning at IBM as a visual/user experience designer. Here, I got to learn a lot about designing products at scale and apply accessibility design.

pdftron webviewer multi devices mockup